Friday, December 9, 2011

My wish list for Apple

Prior to moving this rural town, my day job involved selling higher end comfort shoes at a store owned by church members. Every once in awhile the particular brands would run contests for who could sell the most of their shoes and then for every so many pairs sold, your name would go into a draw. Just before we moved one of these contests was going on and I laughed at my chances of winning an iPod nano and JBL speaker donut as a few of my co-workers had with the previous contest. I left the job and forgot all about the contest.

A few months after we arrived here, I received a package that contained none other than a first generation iPod nano and JBL speaker donut! I couldn't believe it! The manager at the store stuck with his promise and mailed it to me!

Over the past six months or so I've been wanting a new iPod because Big Love bent mine a little (when Sweet One was less than a year old and so it has been working fine since) and I can't put anything else on it. I hadn't been able to get one and was a little sad but then one morning I opened my email and to my surprise, I had an email from Apple telling me that I qualified for a replacement due to a problem with the battery! I was so excited.

When the box arrived, I went to find my iPod on the shelf where I put it since the instructions said to stop using it and I was shocked because something funky went on. I couldn't believe it! But I decided to send it in anyway, hoping that perhaps the problem that happened was part of the reason they are recalling these old guys!

I also thought a little good humor might help me out and so I included this letter:

To the person who is opening up this box,

Hello! I wanted to provide an explanation as to why I am sending you my iPod when it looks as mangled as it does.

I have been using this iPod since I registered it (I'm assuming that you have that date on record ) sometime in the fall of 2006. I used it until the day I received my email from you to stop using it. Except for a small dent on the back there was nothing wrong with it. I have used it every night since my daughter was born January 7, 2009 for her to have her lullabies at night. (She has been asking where the music is since I've had to stop using it and I told her that someone will give a new one to the mailman.)

After receiving the email from Apple and learning that my iPod was eligible for replacement I first got very excited (I may have even danced a little) because I had been wanting to buy a new one but various circumstances made it impossible. Then I took my iPod and put it in a safe place away from the sun, water, children or anything else that could have damaged it.

When the box arrived for me to send the iPod back to you I was shocked to find the iPod in the current state that it is. I promise you I have no idea what happened to it. It had been working fine up until the day I received the email to send it back despite the small dent I mentioned before. I almost cried when I picked it up and it looked as it does. I have no idea what happened to it but it did happen while it was sitting on a shelf and not being touched or even looked at by anyone.

I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season.

It truly did not look like that when I stopped using it. I haven't received an email telling me I won't be receiving a new one. So here's hoping for a little Holiday Magic!

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