Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ball of Joy

We were walking through the store and suddenly she stopped in her tracks. Paralyzed with pure anticipation, she almost trembled. "Am I in heaven? Those can't really be what I am thinking they are. It really does exist! Is life really this good?"

After playing catch with one of the neighborhood boys, Sweet One had become mesmerized by all the beautiful round globes she saw in neighbors' yards. A fit ensued later that day because the boy couldn't play and her ball just wasn't big enough. I looked at three stores that day but none of them had any left.

The following day, in an attempt to escape the humid heat wave, I decided to take her up to the big W and see if they had any left. If they didn't, time would not be wasted as we enjoyed the air conditioning. Luckily, they were there. I can only imagine what was running through her mind as she stood about 10 meters away from the bin of brightly colored giant balls and my emotions almost overtook me to see just how happy I had made her. She insisted on playing with the ball as we made our way out of the store, sitting on the floor and starting to cry when the cashier was scanning it through, laughing hysterically when she got it back and then holding onto it every chance she had. I could barely see if we were going to walk into something as I carried her, carrying the ball, and made our way to the car.
Once in the car, she held on to it and sang along to the Glee soundtrack I was listening to. When we got to the church to show her Dada just how happy she was, even he was beyond words for how happy she was!
She has carried it around the neighborhood.
And even when we go for walks she doesn't really want to let it go!

I hold onto these moments when a mere $2.61 can make my daughter more happy than I could imagine.

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