Friday, July 23, 2010

Sweltering Insanity

I'm sitting on my covered porch and enjoying the breeze. Who woulda thunk that moving air could make or break me! With the temperature at 83F (high 87) and humid, it's the only way I can keep my sanity right now.

Our house is not well insulated and so the heat comes in as quickly during the summer as it escapes in the winter. Air that doesn't move seems to render me without any coping mechanisms. Ridiculous, yes! I blame it on growing up near the prairies where humidity is something only ever heard of and rarely experienced. Standing still in the kitchen and sweating? Unheard of. Four years here and and still the ability to acclimate seems far away.

Finally, getting outside seemed to halt the near panic attack I had at the idea of having to endure two days of this. High of 90F for tomorrow! Sweet One is running around, up and down the street with her Dad.

I think Sweet One is tuckered out. She's been playing for almost two hours and came back to water my gerbera daisy. I don't want to break her heart and tell her there's no hope left for it!

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