Monday, June 13, 2011

Blue eyes, staring at me

After two days of 3.5 hour long naps, this Little Man has decided to stop sleeping it seems. He didn't sleep for more than 35 minutes at a time today and yet he'd wake up completely exhausted and wanting to go back to sleep. At 6:45 I brought him upstairs to start getting him ready for sleep since he was acting completely exhausted. I changed him, fed him, read to him and turned on his lullaby music while I started to rock him to sleep. Well, he fell asleep, then woke up screaming as if wakened by a bad dream. Big Love worked on him for 45 minutes but he woke up shortly after being put in the crib. Now it is 9:25 and he seems as bright eyed as ever. Luckily he is not fussy. Just not wanting to sleep. One of these days I will have to start making him go to sleep on his own, but not tonight. (Although the last two nights he was totally showing that he might be ready for it!) Argh. Babies. If only we could get a print out of what was going on from minute to minute!

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