Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finding the music

Sweet One was walking around the porch while I sat with Little Man on the anti-gravity chair that I got for Mother's Day. After only a few bites on her green popsicle I heard music that was carrying through the air like only live music played outside can. I had a feeling it wasn't far at all given how precisely I could hear a lot of the rhythms; there was clarity that would have been distorted into a mush of notes if it had been traveling from further away. On the other side of the block there is a Big House with a large lawn that was once home to a prestigious person in this little town. Our house is actually on land that would have once been the orchard to the Big House. I was pretty sure that that was where the music was coming from.

I asked Sweet One if she wanted to go and find the music. Her reaction surprised me somewhat as she was ready to give up her popsicle to go on her search, wearing only a shirt and diaper. Luckily, it didn't take long for me to persuade her that she needed pants and sandals. Big Love was pretty much done cleaning up the few dinner dishes that BBQing leaves behind. I tied Little Man into the BabyHawk and we were off.

Sweet One ran around the block where we came upon a band of about 12 playing swing music, big band style to a small crowd. Little Man didn't allow me to stay for long but Sweet One having a most enjoyable time sitting in her Daddy's lap and listening to the music. When they got back to our house Big Love said that Sweet One was up and dancing for awhile. Swinging her arms and bouncing up and down. Oh, to be a little girl again. The sole dancer in a small crowd, moving whichever way the music moves her without a care in the world!

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