Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Don't shoot!

The picture at the top of my blog, that's where I go for my runs. On the other side of the bridge is the .25 mile mark and today I was greeted by a hunter. Yup. This trail is one of the most used recreational trails in the area and this morning I saw four hunters as well as three other runners, at least four walkers, a cyclist and three dogs. Less than 100 yards from this trail is also a Home Depot and an interstate. Seriously! What. The. Fukk. I saw a young girl, about 3 years old, on that trail Monday morning! My pace was quick partly because I was so pissed off that it is ok for them to be there. I need to get something bright orange on my head, I think, or a big sign on my back that says, "Don't shoot! I'm not a deer!"

I warned a few of the other people I saw who were just beginning their walk/run and they seemed just as surprised that there were hunters on the trail. After my run was done, and at the encouragement of a couple other runners I had mentioned it to, I phoned the police to see if this was legal. I ended up speaking with the chief of that particular police service and he sounded somewhat sad to inform me that no, the hunters are not breaking any laws. I mentioned that I saw one relieving himself against his truck. The police chief seemed to perk up at that and said that if I were to get his hunting license number (which should be on his back) in that instance he would be the first person down there to write him up for that. If I were to ask the hunter to use the facilities provided at the beginning of the trail and he starts up swearing at me, the chief said he'd be down there again.

It did come up in our conversation that I don't have a cell phone. The police chief strongly encouraged me to go to a large store that starts with a W and buy a disposable cell phone. If something happens to me on that trail and no one is around, who knows how long it would take to find me. Also, I have taken my kids out there quite a bit (hence the picture at the top of the blog!). I talked to Big Love about it and we're going to. For use in emergencies only. We have no need for a cell phone full time but this will help us both feel more comfortable in those moments where we have often said to each other, "I wish I had a cell phone just in case." Winter is coming and roads get icy.

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  1. I live in Wisconsin and I feel like I should be wearing bright orange whenever I leave my house. Grrr.

    Also, just about every cell phone provider has some sort of disposable phone option - no need to enter the store that starts with W (says someone who has a decade-long ban on purchases from said store and doesn't want to add up the dollars she has spent at more expensive stores in her uppity boycott).


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