Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas!

My little ones are all snuggled in their beds. Neither of them are feeling very well but we did make it through the early Christmas Eve service without a gong show happening! Sweet One was an angel and she had a wonderful time doing so ... and I loved watching it. Little Man sat with me wearing a donkey's hood. Quite cute. My little ass misbehaving in the pew! Big Love is back at church for the second service and I spent the last hour getting all the presents under our little tree and knocking over a candle as I tried to get Little Man's stocking full. I also had a few last minute gifts from my sister that I needed to wrap. Now it's just me, Love Actually and a lovely bottle of Merlot that our friends down the street gave us.

It's been a hard December. My Dad's birthday was on December 15. Instead of spending that Saturday stuck in the house with the kids, as I usually do, a friend and I took our four kids to a wonderful little place to look at Christmas Lane. Not sure what I do without my new friend in my life!

This is the first year since Sweet One was born that I attended church throughout the Advent season and Christmas Eve. It has been nice because I feel like it has been more meaningful ... the last two years I've felt disappointed. Being at church has definitely filled whatever I felt was missing.

I miss my Dad. I'm sad for my sister and her kids who had him as such a big part of their Christmas. There is so much more but I have no energy and I don't know if I've managed to process it into words, yet.

I've been trying to focus on all the wonder that Sweet One and Little Man have been finding in the season. They loved putting up our outdoor Christmas lights, our advent treats and story book have been something that has become a part of our days, decorating the tree - Little Man still walks up to it and is completely dazzled by the shiny bulbs and all the other ornaments. Well, these are what have been keeping me going. I'm looking forward to the morning and all excitement the kids will bring to the day.

Happy Christmas. I hope your time is spent enjoying time with those you love and finding some peaceful moments.

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  1. I hope you found some peace during the holidays. Your tree is beautiful!


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