Wednesday, December 16, 2009

in the parking lot of a grocery store

I had just taken my keys from Sweet One so that I could get her into the car. A few screams of "Dammit, mama, I want those keys", me trying to reason and offer her my purse instead and within a moment or two she was fine. Another young mother with a son in tow smiled at me as she walked towards her vehicle which was parked next to mine (funny how when I passed her twice in the aisles she made sure she didn't look my way). The he said, "Hey Trouble". To which she answered, "Me? Trouble?". I looked behind me and there was a guy about our age in a car talking to her. I didn't continue to listen in as I wanted to get home so I could get Big Love's Birthday dinner cooking. But then a few minutes later I heard this:

Her: You need to use some birth control, [dude].
Him: It doesn't work!
Her: Well, maybe you need to turn it off.
Him: My Grandmother thinks the same thing.

I had to get a bit better view of who she was talking to and with this conversation in my head, I had a mild reminder of Cleetus and his crew. An older large sedan that had this guy talking and easily five children in it with him. He drove away, she turned around and looked at me as she said, "That was the nicest way I could say that." All I could do was laugh out loud. I'm still laughing about it!

Now as I try to get the blueberry out of my hair that I found just now, so kindly placed by Sweet One, I will get off the computer and go and have Birthday Cake with Big Love. It's nothing fancy but the icing (frosting is the term used this side of the border) recipe I found here is freakin' awesome - and simple to make!

So Happy 29th Birthday my love. Thank you for being the man you are. You love Sweet One and I patiently and completely. You take care of me at moments when I'm not sure you'd be able to. You are my rock and my best friend - and a wonderful father to our little girl. We are both very fortunate to have you in our lives. Here's to another 29 years ... at least.

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