Sunday, December 27, 2009

She'll climb the highest mountain .. or 14 stairs

I've been painting my bathroom in any time that is available over the past two days. It's a nice way to save a bit of money on the reno and since Big Love's schedule has calmed down a bit, he is able to stay with Sweet One while I tackle this project.

Last night Sweet One had me up three or four times. She'd cry and then as soon as I'd enter the room she would immediately lie back down and go to sleep. It's a little nuts. I think she's experiencing a little separation anxiety because she is not used to be kept from me for even a few hours straight during the day. Not once, not twice but three times Sweet One has climbed the stairs, unbeknownst to Big Love, to come and find me. I find it utterly sweet that she is so determined to find me! And then when I'm done work for the day, she holds onto me as tightly as she can.

So despite being exhausted from her night wakings, Sweet One is making it up to me by showing me just how much she adores her mama. (I'll remind her of it in 13 years from now when she's trying to tell me how much she hates me!)

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