Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A little girl and her Dada

We have this funny little landing that is the midpoint of our staircase. At one point there was probably another staircase that lead directly to the kitchen but in a renovation it got closed out. We never knew what to do with it because it is quite useless. Perhaps closing it off into a closet would be nice.

Sweet One seems to have her own ideas of what to do with this space - it is the place for her blocks. She loves climbing up there and playing with them. She and her Dad have spent a lot of time there together.

Lately I've been marveling at the relationship that is growing between Big Love and Sweet One. He will sit and play with her, completely focussed on their play, until Sweet One's attention gets diverted. The other day they spent 45 minutes stacking the blocks and then knocking them down. I really don't think that I could do that! Sweet One knows he is home from work when she hears the outside door creak. Today as she sat in her chair eating supper, she looked at me with excitement and said, "Dada!" (This is the first time I heard her directly connect those syllables with him.) Other days she will be standing , a book in hand, eagerly waiting for him to come through the inside door. As she holds it up to him, Big Love immediately drops to his knees and opens the book, leaving his coat lying on the floor. Nothing is more important to him than this time with her.

Big Love is the father I always dreamed my child would have. His love is gentle and steadfast. I know that without judgement or belittling, he will always be there to hear what she has to say and to help her figure things out. His support will help her gain confidence in who she is. And all because they took the time to find a little space to play together.

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  1. This was've got a lot of happy times in your future.


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