Sunday, March 14, 2010

Skating and the Beast

My sister got whisked off to Mexico for her 30th birthday over the past week. The trip was a total surprise for her - she only got 24 hours to prepare. One of the things that had to be taken care of was a skating dress for my niece's upcoming carnival in which she has a solo and I volunteered to take care of it. I just finished it and despite the stress of the whole thing I am quite happy with the results ... except for the fact that I'm not completely sure it is going to fit. I haven't seen my niece since last April and with these skating dresses it is very hard to make without the person being there. I did my best and in the end, it is going to be a very expensive dress once I express post it over there! Hopefully she'll wear it for more than 4.5 minutes.

One thing that has come out of this experience is that I have outgrown "the beast". My mom bought this sewing machine in the early 70's and I've been using it quite a bit in the five years since she's passed it on to me. The skating dress would have taken much less time and energy if I had a newer machine. There are also many things I'd like to make for Sweet One but this machine doesn't enable me to make them. Big Love and I (as well as my "call a friend sewing crisis" person) have agreed that it is time I get a new machine. One that I may one day perhaps pass on to Sweet One.
It has been a loyal beast and I'm not willing to part with it, just retire it as it feels like the time to do so. I remember my mom sewing with it when I was young and I have spent hours making diapers, curtains, dresses, pajama pants, stockings and a housecoat.

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