Thursday, May 21, 2009

Einstein hair ... oh wait, his would be nicer.

I was just wondering when the team of experts will be arriving. You know, the housekeepers, the personal chef, the stylists, the hair and makeup specialists and the personal trainer. The brilliant team who will have me looking better than I did before I was pregnant by the time Sweet One is a mere 6 weeks old. And don't forget, I'm still a 100% hands-on mom because the nanny is not seen in the tabloid pictures while my daughter and I are enjoying a wonderful shopping spree at the trendiest boutiques.

Ok, so I don't live that life. I love being able to spend so much time with SO and would not leave her with a nanny for anything. But I was thinking a 'new do' might ease some of this terminal frumpiness I feel. I feel ugly almost every day. My hopes were high that my stylist was going to put in a "not a perm" washout chemical body wave that would prevent me from spending all that time blow drying my hair. Just a soft, subtle body wave. (It will wash out after a few months if I don't like it.) Hmm. What the hell did I do? Crinkly straw is present in place of soft. Hair poking out all over the place is not subtle! I've cried, I've sworn. I can't describe other than it looks ridiculous. This man is competent but I have obviously been speaking to him in Greek because he just doesn't seem to get what I want and I am now afraid to go out in public. Is it so hard to find a good hair stylist in this little town? In the city they were lined up along every block.

They say that it's important to pamper yourself once in awhile. Unfortunately, this made me feel worse than before I went in. Now, my summer wardrobe is non-existent so if Stacy and Clinton want to come over, help me hide the pooch and wipe my memory of this nasty hair experience I'd be more than willing!

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  1. I'm so sorry. This reminds me of when we moved to Richmond, VA before we had kids and I was only 23. I had my hair frosted at a cheap place, and I turned up with WHITE hair! I was so embarrassed. I refused to go to Thanksgiving dinner with some friends in DC. Thankfully, my husband found another place, where they did a "reverse" frost, and it looked okay. I never did that again!


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