Saturday, May 30, 2009

For a few more years, at least

Our visas have been extended for two more years. Originally they were for 3 with an option to extend for 2. Any longer than that and we have to be reclassified as, I believe, permanent residents.

It can be a little unnerving knowing that we are not yet allowed to be in this country for as long as we want. Quite honestly, we don't know how long we want to be here. For the time being it is great because we can own our house, pay down my student loans and live within our means on the one salary. It isn't huge. We have to be careful. But in the end we have what we need. There is no doubt in our minds that all of this would not be possible living somewhere else. Unless my husband gets offered a dream job, at which point we'd take another huge leap of faith, we just hope to get some debt paid down before we think of packing. (Strangely enough I have been saving the boxes that my gDiaper refills come in because they're great 'packing boxes'. Hmmm. Some would say the universe is talking.)

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