Monday, May 25, 2009

A wee favor

My Dearest, Darlingest Sweet One,

Right now you are fast asleep in your crib. It is only 9:00 but you have been napping since 7:50. Now I must tell you that this is very strange because usually you only nap for half an hour in the earlier part of the morning. But today seems a little different. You made your Dad's day by not screaming at him while he put you to sleep. This was also quite nice for me because I'm walking around this morning like my head is in a fog. (I just remembered that half an hour ago I started making oatmeal and left your Dad to finish it for me when I came upstairs to put clothes on and have since been hijacked by the computer!) Luckily, you did not wake up wanting your soother every hour last night as you did the two before but you did seem to magically escape your 'tie me up and hold me' blanket by 5:00 and didn't let me go back to sleep. Now while I don't mind already having the sheets you puked out on the clothesline and yes, I know we've been very lucky that you have never kept us awake for an entire night BUT I'd love it if you'd sleep until 6:30. It would make your Mama SO happy! And it is what you were doing for quite some time before.

Well, if you can't I guess I'll survive. And maybe in a few months you'll even let me drink caffeine again!

Your Mama

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