Monday, February 8, 2010

If they were all like this I'd have half a dozen

I had a couple of weeks where I felt like I was barely getting by .... and then today came. Big Love woke me up around 8:00 (yes, he gets up every morning with Sweet One so they can have some time together and I sleep in - every day!) so I could get on the elliptical. I had a good work out and it felt great to care for myself in that way. Sweet One fought going down for her first nap, but that's ok. The sun was shining and for awhile it didn't seem like it would ever stop. Sweet One was in a great mood when she woke up and that mood continued on all day, especially after her second nap was a good one as well. We had a nice walk when the sun shone again around 3:45 and that was pretty much our day.

Sweet One has been going through so many changes lately. She is understanding more and non-verbally communicating so much to us. Each day we wake up and she looks different - a little more mature. Not so fast, little girl! Slow down so Mama can catch up with you! And so after a day like today when she has been in a great mood, the sun is shining and I feel good, I can only say that I am especially in love with my daughter today. She is making being her Mama so easy. Perhaps I'll have half a dozen more! Back to reality. My cup is overflowing and being a Mama is the greatest thing on earth.

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