Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wrinkled up old squash

A number of days ago, I can't even remember when it all started, I decided to roast a butternut squash to then mash up for Sweet One. It had been in the house for awhile and so I cut off the bad spots and threw it in the oven with the potatoes. (Right! Then it would have been Saturday.) When it was time to take Sweet One up for bath and bedtime, the squash was close but not quite so I decided to turn off the oven and let it finish up that way.

Fast forward to Monday. I was putting together Sweet One's cubes and it struck me that I had made her some squash but I didn't know where it ... ah shit, I bet it never got out of the oven. (The second thing to have such a fate in the past month or so.) I couldn't face it and so after swearing and Big Love asking what was up, I told him to look in the oven. He laughed.

Fast forward to today. Wednesday. Four days (well, that's not that bad) after it all started. I remembered to finally get the squash out of the oven and don't they look appetizing?!

I feel like the squash looks. Hopefully whatever is going on will finish soon.

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