Monday, February 15, 2010

Riding my stream of consciousness into New Orleans

The last three weeks have been somewhat stressful - not sure if we were going to owe the church money because of someone else's mistake, waiting to find out how much less Big Love would get paid each month also due to the mistake, things going wrong with the house, overcast weather making me depressed .... lah, bah, gah .... etc. I've had my moments. We've had our hearts set on going to New Orleans next month for a few days and I was worried that the trip would take the course of the cheesecake I made Big Love for Valentine's Day - it was baked and yet the texture was more of a thick mousse, the glaze was hard and the crust was soggy so it really wasn't a cheescake at all! After spending enough time online tonight to fry my brain, I emailed my sister the progress. (I'm amazed how many hotels have discounted rates at this time of year!) Here is said email:

.... I just found a hotel for $59 a night WITH a crib option and so that way we'll be able to take the express bus in (save $60 there by not taking a cab) and not bring our pack n play (save $50 there in baggage fees) and thus be able to afford the trip - AND a special day where we go on a tour of a Plantation. So how cool does that sound?! Wanna join? March 22-26 is when we're going. Hoo wah. This might actually happen and even nicer is we don't have to pay taxes and shit like you do with Air Miles when we book the flights with our rewards and so something MIGHT actually work out for me and I can stop worrying about how my bathroom was leaking again and that my house makes it sound like it is raining because of all the heat loss due to crappy insulation and FUCK IT I'm going to New Orleans and it'll be great! Now we'll sleep on it and book it tomorrow!

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