Thursday, April 1, 2010

And on the third day, I felt like a teenager (just for a moment)

The third day we let Sweet One have her nap again in the morning. Trying to keep her quiet and content in the hotel room until it was nap time began to get very difficult. She screamed just for the hell of it on a regular basis and there was no way for us to stop her from doing this. As soon as her stroller was getting pulled out of the closet she got excited and then we were off!As long as we were moving, Sweet One didn't care what we did. We didn't return to our hotel room until about 7 hours after we left. The streets in the French Quarter are lined with such interesting buildings. I absolutely love the balconies. One building had a sign that said it was the site where slaves were bought and so. Definitely hard to imagine as we peered through the glass to see nothing that would ever corroborate that. We watched a few travel DVDs before leaving and learned that a lot of the homes in the French Quarter would have housed the mistresses of the rich men and these mistresses were often black slaves who would have their own slaves. Hard to believe that such a hierarchy existed in this part of history. I can not fathom it.
Later in the afternoon, after eating crayfish and alligator outisde at The Market Cafe while listening to live jazz, we spent some more time in Jackson Square. Sweet One let me hold her while we danced a bit to this Dixieland Jazz Brass Band. They were freakin' awesome. I loved it. I think Sweet One got a little overwhelmed by the noise and so we left but I would have stayed there all afternoon.
In this picture you can see Sweet One beside her stroller. In the cup holder is my 20oz hurricane. According to the bar tender, it contained fruit punch, rum, rum and more rum and came out of a slurpee machine, premixed! I also got a free shooter of Sex on the Beach. This was the strangest feeling ever. I do not remember the last time I had a shot and the last time I was drinking a slurpee with liquor in it did not end well. I felt like a teenager again and then I looked at Sweet One. Lukcily, this afternoon ended well. We searched as much of the French Quarter as we could for pecan pie but couldn't find any, settled for Gelato and then made our way back to the hotel.

The last two days in New Orleans were just what I had hoped the trip would be. I am so glad that we got to go there and see a city that is truly unlike any we've seen before.

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