Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Literary Guide

For a number of years now, my choice in books has been strongly influenced by M. Actually, it's probably safe to say it is guided by her! Luckily, I have never disliked a book she has recommended. Her reading is varied and I am always excited to see what might be next when I ask for suggestions. Over the past few years I have especially enjoyed the Canadian authors that she has exposed me to.

When an actual book is passed on to me that she has already read, there are always a few pages that have been dog-eared. As I make my way to those places, I am eager to see if I can understand why she has marked that page. Sometimes I can and sometimes I'm not sure . When I do think that I have figured it out I wonder if that spot would have meant something to me without her guidance.

Currently I'm reading Too Close to the Falls by Catherine Gildiner. A memoir about her childhood growing up on the American side of Niagara falls. A slightly unorthodox childhood in the '50s, I find myself in awe of the story each time I pick it up. It is absolutely delightful with challenging moments woven throughout that gives the reader glimpses of how different our lives can be from one another and how we can be shaped by each person who crosses our path. (I'm excited to have just found out in my Chatelaine magazine that she has just published volume 2!)

This book has more pages dog-eared than any book she has passed on so far! And while M is now 2100 miles away from me rather than 500 (something that I am still having some difficulty adjusting to!) I feel like we are sharing a little moment together when I come upon her special pages.

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