Thursday, September 2, 2010

She thinks I'm a Mokey!

Thursday afternoon after I finally convinced myself to get Sweet One outside for a bit (knowing full well her Dad would be coming home shortly and take over the child care for me!) we stepped outside onto the porch and there was a package. I was very curious about this package because I was not expecting anything from amazon and so I quickly opened it and found a Mokey doll. I pulled up the packing list and it read:
Hi Sweet One. I'm sending you this Fraggle. Her name is Mokey and she always reminds me of your mom...she's the fraggle version of your mom so when you snuggle her it's like snuggling your mom.
I will admit that my first instinct was, is Mokey the winer? What does she do that is annoying? Ridiculous, I know. And now as I've looked up a character description I am completely flattered. I found it on wikipedia:
Mokey represents a highly spiritual and artistic type (she recites poetry, sketches and paints), and usually remains quiet and contemplative, though even she can get annoyed from time to time. She functions as the optimist of the group, trying to see the best in everyone and everything, and comforting her friends when no such "bright side" can be found. According to episode 15, Mokey can make friends quite easily because of her optimistic personality. Though spiritual and serene, Mokey has the dangerous job of procuring radishes from the Gorgs' garden. Mokey has mauve skin and light blue green hair; she wears a greyish brown cardigan. She also wears the pop-top from a soda can as a necklace pendant.*
So I guess I've learned that I can just smile and be thankful that my sister thinks of me in such a cute way! Watching Fraggle Rock was something that we did as kids and whenever I see their DVDs, I look forward to introducing Sweet One to them.

*This description was found in Wikipedia.

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