Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sucky Sunday

After many weeks, perhaps even a few months, of not going I decided that Sweet One and I would go to church this morning. I had hoped that she'd be manageable for at least part of it, making it to the children's story.

We arrived about 15 minutes early and Sweet One immediately went into her shy mode. If people started talking to her and she didn't know them, she'd scream. I then took her into the choir room where Big Love was rehearsing the choir and it only took a few minutes for her to want her Daddy. More screaming ensued and so I took her out, went to the washroom and then returned when the choir was finished with their warm-up. Sweet One got a quick hug and we went into the sanctuary, joining an elderly couple who are friends of ours. Sweet One did not play shy with them at all but five minutes later she was mad that she couldn't go up to where her Daddy was and so, more screaming. We left for a few minutes and then I thought we'd go back in during a hymn but as soon as she saw her Daddy as we passed the stairs to the choir loft, she started screaming again. I grabbed our things as quickly as I could and we left.

When it came to nap time, I was feeling like crap and exhausted but Sweet One decided to take an hour to get to sleep. No screaming happened here but I sure wanted to! Finally, after I was able to rest for a bit I went to a movie because I needed a break. I saw You Again and while it really wasn't all that original or exciting, it was a much needed mental vacation and the actors were enjoyable to watch.

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