Friday, October 22, 2010

First cold

Sweet One has her first cold. Now I realize how completely fortunate I am that in 21 months she has never been sick, save for a couple fevers, but it is never fun to see your child sick.

Mostly it has manifested itself with a runny nose and not being able to fall asleep on her own as well as constant waking during the night. The second day was her most irritable and at night she didn't sleep for more than 1.5 hours at a time which drove me nuts until I decided to bring her into the bed with us. I figure that it looked pretty cute with she and I curled up together in a full size, wrap around maternity pillow. While I was able to rest more than getting up constantly to comfort her, it was interesting trying to sleep with a toddler making me her sleeping surface.

Last night she surprised me by sleeping through the entire night - it was blissful - for the first time since we were on our vacation to the cabin. I'd been starting to worry that we were going to be entering a downhill spiral into months of no sleeping but thankfully Sweet One rescued me from that!

After rocking her to sleep for her naps and a good portion of her nights lately, I'd been feeling like it was going to become a pattern that I struggled to break. Tonight after I initially put her down for the night, she began to cry and scream. I let her cry for 5 minutes and then I checked on her. She settled down and so I left the room again to which she responded with more crying and screaming. I did about 10 minutes of yoga while she cried on and off and then checked on her again. Same thing happened - she settled, I left, she cried. I didn't have to go back in because she finally got herself to sleep but I feel like a complete asshole. I hate having to put her through that to try and prevent sleeping problems. Half an hour after she fell asleep I finished my yoga and cracked her door open just enough to hear her breathe. There was still the remnant of her crying so hard before (not quite sure how exactly to explain the sound but I'm sure any parent knows exactly what I am talking about; the little uneven exertion in her exhale). Right now I want to run upstairs and pick her up out of her crib and hold her, hoping she'll forgive me for putting her through that when she is still not 100%.

After nights of little sleep I am now trying to fight off an impending sinus infection - the way every bug I have to fight manifests itself. I will probably lose and am not looking for another round of amoxicillin while pregnant. Hopefully we'll get a good night sleep and I will feel a little better tomorrow.

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