Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lonely Ladybug

A few weeks ago I got a costume made for Sweet One and, thinking it was pretty cute, in my head I anticipated a lovely Thursday evening of Trick-or-Treating with her for the first time. (This town does things weird with the Trick-or-Treating happening on the Thursday before Halloween so that teachers don't have to deal with the kids on 'sugar highs'.) Things don't always work out as we plan when we're parents and this was definitely one of those. The moment I tried to put it on Sweet One, she hit the floor in a tantrum! I did manage to get the wings on her red jacket and so Big Love spent about half an hour taking her to a few houses. The best part was watching her run away from a house as quickly as she could so that she could follow her friends! I just chuckled as I handed out candy to those who stopped by!

So my costume may have to wait another year or perhaps it will always be the lonely ladybug who hoped to be someone's first Halloween costume.

On another note, the netbook seems to have survived the flood! I am so relieved.

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  1. They never seem to do what we want! Adorable costume anyway!


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