Sunday, October 24, 2010

It was one of those days where I'm tired from waking up throughout the night but I was making the best of it. With the temperature being 60 degrees by as early as 10:00 this morning Sweet One got outside and we had a nice time walking up and down the street and then playing in the sandbox. We were able to Skype for the first time with my sister and her kids which was awesome. And then Sweet One knocked over a glass of water being she was trying to poke at the computer after I told her not to and the water went all over the netbook. Now it is one of those days where everything is melting down and I just want to cry. I wish I was one of the bloggers who mentions they're having a problem with something and voila! some company fixes it for them just because they know they'll get free advertising that way. Well, I'm not and I may be going without a netbook if this one dies. It was a nice 6 months of being technologically relevant.

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