Sunday, March 20, 2011

ABC's and everyday


That's how she says her ABC's. Over and over every day because she loves them. I am amazed at how quickly she has learned them as well as her ability to identify them when she sees them. Why is it that people try to make their little einstein children when kids will learn at insane rates when they are interested in the topic?

I haven't been blogging for fear of being annoying and redundant lately. Between someone who loves to wake up before 530 (fukkin' hell!), a sacrum that feels like it is getting pulverized every day and all the hormonal ups and downs that happen in the last two weeks before a baby gets cut out - well, that's my life lately. The baby dropped some time between Tuesday and Wednesday morning last week which sort of freaked me out since I never experienced that with Sweet One. Luckily, the insane pain went away by Thursday and I've adjusted to peeing every 20 minutes and feeling like the baby could fall out at any time.

Nesting has been insane over the past month. Every wall in my house has been cleaned, we got our carpets professionally cleaned, rooms have been deep cleaned and on top of that I've almost finished filling my deep freeze as well as countless hours at the sewing machine doing little projects here and there. Yesterday I told Big Love we needed to clean one more time before the baby comes and he looked at me very carefully and asked, "the walls again, too?" Good lord he's funny! I reassured him it's just the basics so that we don't have to worry about it for awhile and that I also want to take care of those little bits of things that are always lying around because I never got around to finding a place for them.

One great thing is our weather seems to have moved onto spring with the sun making some appearances. Two days ago it was 60 degrees out and we had a great time outside. Yesterday got up to 45 but with the sun it felt beautiful. Sweet One and I went for a walk (her pace is definitely better for me these days!) and then spent some time in the backyard. Believe it or not, we found carrots in the garden that I never dug up last fall and they are perfectly edible!

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