Monday, March 28, 2011

Silently Sleeping

Except for the twilight peeking through the sides of her curtains, Sweet One's room was dark as I sat in the rocking chair waiting for her to fall asleep. We gave up trying to convince her to stay in her bed because it was becoming too stressful and since she doesn't sleep long enough we wanted her to get every minute possible. So, Big Love and I take turns sitting in her room as she falls asleep. Last night it didn't take that long but there was a lot of moving around as she tried to get her very tired body to give up. I don't usually check on her right before I leave the room in fear of waking her up but last night I decided to and I was so relieved that I did! I was starting to panic a bit as I desperately felt around to figure out what it actually was that I was seeing. She's been fighting off another cold over the past week and I thought it very strange that I couldn't hear her little snore at all. Finally I realized that what I thought was her head was actually her butt and as I felt along her back I found that her head was completely underneath the pillow. How lovely her little snore sounded as soon as I moved the pillow!

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  1. Such a sweet post. I often check on my girls at night, only to find my youngest either half way off the bed or on the floor!


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