Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tomorrow it's all going to change

My dear Sweet One,

For a few minutes you tossed and turned finding every possible way to get my attention. Finally, one more tuck in and a "water ... where are you?" followed by a huge giggle when you realized it was right beside you. A few moments later I heard you whisper, "Good night. Sleep." a few times.

How sweet and precious you are to me. I have never been away from you for more than four hours. It's not because I felt like you wouldn't survive without me, it's just that there was never any need for it. But tomorrow that will all change. We will have to spend most of the day apart because tomorrow is a day that will change all of us for good. You will have a baby brother or a baby sister.

I desperately hope I can help you learn to be kind to this little one who will join us. To love him or her as much as you possibly can. I know there will be bumps along the way but having a sibling is very important. Hopefully you will be friends and always be there for one another. You have such a wonderful spirit and I know that your sibling will be very lucky to have you for a big sister.


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