Sunday, June 7, 2009

5 months

My Dearest, Darlingest Sweet One,

Today you are now 5 months old and I do not know how the time has passed so quickly. I've been trying to hold onto each moment I can but they always seem to pass us by. This afternoon we had a nap. I left one arm out of your swaddle to see if you could sleep without it wrapped up, which you did for the first part. After you started moving a bit more I woke up and watched you sleep. Sometimes you would nestle your face into my arm and I would lie there, breathless, hoping not to wake you. (You don't seem to want to take long naps during the day and I'm desperately trying to figure out how to remedy that.) After awhile I held your hand and felt every little movement. They are precious. I love the tiny softness of your hands. I think it is cute how you lift both of your legs up and lower them down slowly while you sleep. When you woke up your face was full of smiles for me. I'm a very lucky mama because every time I walk into a room your face lights up. (This makes your Dad jealous because you don't do that for him yet!)

After your nap you spent some time with your Dad while I worked in the yard. I started out making a bin to grow potatoes in and ended up working on a chunk of the lawn that is actually the neighbors. It is on the other side of their fence so they don't think they need to get rid of the immense amount of weeds that are grown there - it drives your Dad and I crazy. By the time I was done all this work I really missed you. You and I spend pretty much all of our days together and yet if I'm busy with something for a couple of hours I end up feeling like I haven't seen you all day!

We have a couple of months coming up that are going to be tricky to figure out. Your Grandma and cousin are coming on Wednesday and we have to pick them up late at night from the airport. On the 25th we go to Toronto and are there for 1 whole week. Your Dad will be busy for most of it so it will be just us girls hanging out in a fancy, big city hotel. Five days after we get home from Toronto we'll go on a two week trip for your uncle's wedding. There will be so many people there excited to see you. I'm a little worried that all these trips so close together will be difficult for you but I'm hoping that we'll figure it out. You and I have been figuring out a lot of things together so maybe this will be one more notch for us. (I still need to figure out why you won't take longer naps before I go insane.) After all of this you will be big enough to start eating solids!

Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter, my Sweet One. Your Dad and I can hardly believe that you've only been here on the outside with us for 5 months. You have changed our world day after day and we love you more than we can say.

Your Mama

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