Wednesday, June 3, 2009


You know how you can envision how something is going to work and in your mind it goes just according to plan but then the reality sneaks up on you and it doesn't quite work so you have to figure out an alternative? Well, I've been experiencing that quite a bit but the one situation I'm thinking about right now is cloth diapering. We want to use cloth diapers because of both the financial savings and the environmental benefits they have. Prior to Sweet One being born my cousin had sent me some commercial fitted cloth diapers. They looked gorgeous. So I made some in a larger size as well as multiple waterproof outer covers. The picture in my head as I spent so much time making all of these things was quite nice. I was saving money by making my own and being such an industrious mama at the same time. (I have since learnt that there is another option out there that would have cost about the same and I wouldn't have had to slave over all the pieces of birdseye!) I have not been able to use anything yet. The ones from my cousin are not working because there is a padding in the middle that is nearly 2 inches thick. Now Sweet One is not a big baby. Born at 6lbs7oz she weighed only 12lb13 at her 4 month appointment. I still do not have her completely out of all her 0-3 clothes.

Now I'm trying to figure out another option. I'm thinking the prefold option will be a good one. Anyone have experience with them? I'm trying to find an affordable way to do it (well really, buying them new won't take long to recoop what I would be spending on the gDiaper refills) and so the other day I found myself on some websites that I read about which deal with purchasing used cloth diapers. I don't really like the idea of buying them from strangers and so I checked out a cloth diapering store that has both new and used. I sent a short email to the woman to ask what she may have in used prefolds and this was her response:

I have all sorts of used items in my store. Unfortunately I do not have
the time and energy to sort through and individually list them. I am a
very busy very poor single mama to three boys. Taking time to go through
them would have to generate income for me as I have some bills I am
desperate to pay. Until I get a bazillion things that desperately need to
be done (really basic things like learn how to market my store adequately
so people know I exist in my town) and find the floors in my house and
start getting my kids and self baths on a more regular basis, I cannot do
anything more then I currently am doing. I tell you these things not to
ask for pity but to help you understand why I cannot go through my boxes
and list what I have. You are welcome to come into my store and look at
them. That way I can offer them at a much more reasonable price and you
would be sure to know what you are getting. I have tons of stuff that
would be free (but not fancy enough for most people...) Where are you

Quite honestly when I was done reading this email I felt so badly for her. I just wanted to hug her or something like that. Sometimes I think being a mom is hard when Big Love is at work but am thinking things might be much more difficult for her. I wish that she didn't live in the complete opposite end of the state from me or I'd go and buy my things there! (I also thought it was weird that she seemed completely opposed at making a sale if she is so broke.)

If anyone out there has any suggestions on which products have worked well for them and which have not I'd love to hear it as I really don't know anyone here to ask. I wish I wasn't in an area where everything like this has to be ordered online because I'd love to get my hands on something before I buy it.

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