Monday, June 22, 2009

mamabird in the City

Anyone who knows anything about me is quick to learn that I love the 1900s, especially through the eyes of Lucy Maud Montgomery. And if you know me, you will also know that any bit of extravagance is avoided. But starting Thursday, one of the rarerest of occassions will be happening and I am quite certain that it may never happen again in my life - I will be staying at a luxury hotel for six nights. Big Love is taking part in a competition/convention in T.O. and we will be staying at the hotel pictured above (Fairmont, baby! The hotel is sponsoring the convention - you know how it works), arriving there via train at the station that is across the street but cut off in the picture. Just as people in yesteryear would have done it. I'm so excited! I don't even care that I'm not quite sure how we will afford this week, I just know that we need it. I have google maps made with mama/baby boutiques and restaurants I want to go to. Mostly I'll be window shopping but to be able to do it in a city after months and months of being stuck in this little town is going to be wonderful. Also, a dear friend of mine decided to get a flight to T.O. since she knew I'd be there and so I'm gonna get some kickass girl-time ... something I can not get here. I can't wait.

(The only thing that might suck is that evenings will probably be very quiet so Sweet One can get to bed early. I desperately wish I had a laptop for this trip!)

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