Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Little Miss Fixit

I've done quite a lot of improvements to this little house we live in. Nearly every wall has been painted which has also forced me to develop spackling skills. One large undertaking I did was my floors upstairs. We started with terrible, awful, horrible, no-good horse hair carpets and now have refinished hardwood. It's rustic looking but we like it and really, anything is an improvement.

Despite all of these accomplishments I still second guess myself every time I take on something new. In April I was at a swedish home store and bought some shelves for Sweet One's bedroom. They've been gathering dust since. I completely knew the logistics of how to put them up but the monkey on my back would laugh and tell me that I would screw them up some how, that it wouldn't be good enough. Well, today I threw that monkey off. I stood up from this computer chair, marched into her room and put one of the three shelves up! No glitches! If you look very carefully you can even see the bubble on the level is exactly where it should be. (Woo hoos abound.)

It's too bad I still haven't figured out how to redo my awful bathrooms.

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