Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My petit chat noir

nce I rescued him from the streets, I've often worried about my cat more than some people would (but also less than others, too). For the past two weeks I've been a little preoccupied with the findings in his litter box. We got to the vet on Monday and they sent in a complete blood panel to basically give us an overall view of what is going on in his body.

I've been feeling awful because he has not been getting as much attention as I would like - and some of the attention he has been getting was me being pissed off because I was stressed out. This is understandable with a baby in the house, I know. But I do feel bad about it. I became scared that I was going to have to make the decision about whether or not we deal with what is going on or just put him down. After all he is a pet and our bank accounts do not overflow with money. I came close to crying a couple times. He's been such a good cat to me for almost 9 years. The idea of putting him down sucks. Sweet One adores him even though he only tolerates her!

Luckily, at this point we do not have to make any decisions other than to change his food. This will help to manage his early kidney failure which, thanks to my worrying, we have caught early enough that it isn't dire. Already he had been on a 'prescription diet' but now we need a different (and more expensive) one. Should things get worse then we will have to re-evaluate. But for now, I'm going to search online and see if I can find his new food at a cheaper price.

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