Monday, September 14, 2009

Teething Poop

It's been an interesting few days here at Le Nest. Teething began last week. Of course I had no idea what was going on when I had a fussy and crying Sweet One as opposed to the Sweet One who only cries when she is hungry or her father is putting her to sleep. I learned that teething was happening once the first one was already out. HELLO! Why can't we know ahead of time so that the necessary aids in helping to soothe our children can be at hand? Number two is on its way. I just finished putting her down for a nap and just like at 10:30 last night, she screamed bloody murder. This is SO rare for her. Seriously. No bragging, just tellin' ya it is because when she does scream like this I really know something is up. So the homeopathics seemed to help but my ears are ringing even though she is sleeping. Oh. That's the neighborkid blowing his whistle? Remind me NEVER. EVER. to buy any child a whistle. So tooth number two is close to its own cotillion and then the rest. Is it normal to get a new tooth per week? Why is there no blood when these teeth push through?

And to make matters much more wonderful my cat is not doing well. Without too much disgusting detail, I've been checking his litterbox dailing to monitor the state of his poop and today we went to the vet where they ordered a full blood panel. I hope we caught something soon enough because if anything is excessively expensive (this trip would have had me crying if it got any more expensive) to deal with what is going on we may have to look at alternatives. Never thought I'd be so invested in poop! Not just a baby's, but a cat's, too!

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