Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How Sweet One affects my dreams

Most of my dreams happen in the morning after Big Love has taken Sweet One downstairs to help me catch a few extra zzz's. This morning my dream found me walking around pregnant with part of the baby pushing and protruding just underneath the right side of my ribcage. It felt as real as I could imagine. I did have minor contractions when I was pregnant but I didn't even know they were contractions until I had some more while hooked up to the monitors shortly before I went into the OR.

Sweet One had another rough night. She didn't really sleep until almost 10:00. Big Love and I were wiped (me especially, many tears were shed that evening) and so we crawled into our bed with her around 9:15 thinking that if we fell asleep first and she followed suit then it would all be ok. She fell asleep first and I put her in her crib. She woke again at 1:45, 3:00 and then 5:45. Often the last one ends up her wake up time and I was pleading with her to sleep. I fed her in our bed and then hoped she would fall asleep. Well, she did. Lying on her back, with her head just below the right side of my rib cage, perpendicular to me so that her butt ended up on the bed to the left of me. We made a bit of a T. I wasn't worried about her comfort because I know that type of position feels great in yoga. But it did answer the question as to why I felt like I was having contractions in my sleep!

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