Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Sweet One and I are watching A Charlie Brown Christmas. I remember watching this almost every year as a kid and I think that getting older hasn't stopped me from enjoying it. When I was little we also had a record with the whole show on it and my siblings and I would listen to it in our basement.

Big Love is at the church for the early service. I had thought, at some point, that Sweet One and I might go but since she's on Day 4 of a stomach virus I've decided it's best to keep her home. It has been a difficult four days as she is very demanding on me when she is sick as well as our lack of sleep. Big Love also seemed to get the same virus just before suppertime last night and luckily he seemed to be over the worst of it before he had to go to church. I only hope things start to look up as we near Monday since that is the day her Grandparent's will be here (although I'm not that optimistic).

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with friends and family. I hope that I can ignore my aches and pains that seem to overwhelm me and remember what this season is truly about.

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