Monday, January 3, 2011

A fasting test took longer than expected

The sun is shining brilliantly. In all honestly, I can survive the frigid cold temperatures I grew up with in Northwestern Canada but I struggle with the mild, overcast winters that we have here. As long as there is sun I feel like I can deal with anything!

Sweet One is hopefully still napping, although I do hear some noise starting from movement, and Big Love is passed out on the couch. I had my nap but put an alarm on so I don't sleep too long otherwise I won't fall asleep at night.

Big Love had a bit of a long morning with Sweet One because I had to go and get the longer glucose tolerance test. With fasting the night before, I had to be at the hospital and registered just before 730! Quite a feat when I consider the fact that I am rarely out of bed by 8 or 830 from my interrupted night hours. Luckily, Sweet One never woke up enough for me to have to get out of bed (yay!) last night and so at 615 she and I got up. Big Love tried to sleep longer but he couldn't because he is just too used to getting up with her these days.

The test was a little brutal. My numbers weren't where they needed to be at the beginning so they had to do another step before I could even have the lovely orange drink which added an hour to the whole process bringing the total to 4 hours in a little lab in the basement of a hospital. I was somewhat shaky as I sat there and ate my snack after it was all done and chugged back some water. Making my way from the basement to the doors was a little strange because I felt like I was trying to wake up but couldn't fully. I arrived in the morning while it was still dark and was happy to see that the sun was shining.

I think we're going to go for a mini-vacation and do some errands in the neighboring city just north of us. A few really simple things we need but unfortunately cannot get here in this town.

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