Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Potty Talk

As an INFP on the Myers Briggs test, one of the biggest challenges I face is the ideals I set for myself (and probably those around me) and how I feel if they are not met. I crumble... and then I flounder trying to get my feet back underneath myself as reality sets in.

The one that is kicking my ass right now is potty training. This little girl of mine is fully aware of what is coming out of her butt. Since she calls everything toot I've been trying to get her to accurately describe what she is feeling. "Toot, fart, toot, fart" are two words that we hear a lot now and my love of potty humor laughs at it every time! What gets me is that this afternoon she spent 4 hours without a diaper on and no accidents. At about 3 hours 45 minutes she started getting worried because it was absolutely clear to both of us she had to pee but refused to try her potty. Quite honestly, I wouldn't even care if she started going on the carpet so that I could just quickly move her to the potty. An hour earlier she had sat on it, bare-assed, for almost half an hour while I read her books. But not when she actually had to pee. I don't really get it.

Years ago my mother mentioned how I pretty much potty trained myself in 2 days by the age of 2 because I hated having the pee run down my leg. When my mother-in-law was here she told us that Big Love started training at 15 months and was fully trained by 20 months (in her "I was a perfect mother" voice, as titled by Big Love). My sister had both of her kids pretty much trained by 2 years old. I'm only starting at 2 years and after only a few weeks of mild attempts to train (her recent stomach illnesses were not going to help matters) I'm already feeling like I'm failing to get her trained quickly enough.

And so I need to find some patience for myself and the process. I've been miserable since I put the diaper back on her at 6:00 and she peed immediately. I had just really hoped this would go smoothly and be done before the baby is born.

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