Monday, January 24, 2011

Three moments of Sweet One's cuteness

We bought Sweet One the "Snacktime" album by the Barenaked Ladies. Her favorite track seems to be "Popcorn". It is about a minute long and she insists on listening to it over and over. She runs around in circles, clapping and making sure that Big Love is clapping along with her and that he is also running on the spot. "More Clap. More Feet." Then when the song is done she'll open the cabinet to the DVD player so that we can skip back to the beginning of the track!

She's really starting to enjoy music more these days. While watching her shows she will get up and dance when the music helps her get her groove on. Right before Christmas when I started listening to Kristen Chenoweth's and Sarah MacLaughlan's Christmas albums, she'd ask for more each time there was a pause between tracks. Now she asks for "more music" when we're in the car, smiles as soon as it starts and sings along when she wants. She almost always sings along when Kristen Chenoweth sings her high notes on the third volume of the Glee soundtracks!

I think this little girl likes tv as much as her Mama. If we tell her that she can't watch another one of her shows, she will ask for news. News is anything that we watch. She caught the last few minutes of the final episode of United States of Tara Season 2 today. Because she was quite sleepy from a nap that was much too short, she threw a fit when I told her 'news' was all done. She didn't realize that up next was going to be Elmo's Potty Time.

Despite my ineptness of describing just how cute these moments are, I'm sure they're better than listening to me complain about my sore back, potty training challenges and a lack of sleep!

And I forgot to mention that at all times while dancing to popcorn, Sweet One must have a bottle of eye glass cleaner in her hand. One blue, one purple.

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