Sunday, January 30, 2011

Repeating Rectangles

I had found the material at the local fabric and craft store this summer but it wasn't until just before my in-laws came for a visit last month that I finally got around to making two curtains for my bathroom. I didn't want to spend a huge amount of time on them nor did I want them to block out light so I simply measured them and hung them as 'tapestries' to add a little pattern to our bathroom.I have previously finished curtains for three other rooms in our house and the bathroom made the fourth. Completely bored of sewing the same thing over and over, I made plans to move onto room number 5. Sweet One's current room is too small for two kids and so I need to move her into "The Studio" (a room I had hoped would be where I taught some voice lessons was not to be) so that there would be enough space for them. Luckily, I found a great deal online for the curtain's material as well as blackout lining. Unfortunately, since the biggest function of curtains in our house is to block out sunlight and drafts, it had to be more boring rectangles. I only needed four panels in this room so it felt less daunting than the 6 in the other two bedrooms.
They went pretty quickly and I think the end result is fun for a kid's room but these curtains didn't leave me any more inspired to move on to the last room of the house. I found this material at the same time as Sweet One's and couldn't have been happier to pay approximately $70 for the heavier weight home decor material. I love a bargain and it is quite a steal to be able to get two rooms adorned in rectangles for that cheap. Especially because one has the blackout lining.
I did work a little bit 'inside the rectangle' by making the valances a slightly different shape. Having to think a little bit more about these was nice but three hours later and how many yards of folding and ironing and pining and then finally sewing to put it all together ... well, it still felt like a freakin' rectangle. There is one more valance over the sink which I hung with a pressurized rod so I didn't have to put up hardware in a place that would have been awkward. And so, after what felt like a full month of sewing rectangles I moved onto a new project: rectangles made of flannel!
Yup. Exciting! I was not really impressed with the material that the Pack'NPlay sheets were made of and so I decided that I'd make some out of flannel for the baby. It didn't seem all that difficult, and of course the second won't, but it is ridiculously hard to squarely get a rectangle cut! Sweet One slept in the bassinet part of the P'nP for almost 7 months and I figure the new baby will as well. (Sweet One can tell her therapist that she had crunchy sheets while her sibling had cozy soft ones!) It was nice to be making something for him/her but I'm a little desperate for a sewing project that feels creative and fun. There are probably next to no corners in a pair of training pants! (Sweet is too little for the commercial ones as they all start at 25 or 26 pounds.)

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