Friday, February 17, 2012

Castaway shoe

A few days ago my living room looked like a toddler beauty pageant puked all over my floor. My sister had sent a few boxes for Sweet One that contained princess dress up dresses. My daughter was so excited! Some are much too big and can be saved for a year or two down the road but there are a couple that she can enjoy now. One purple dress looks very close to Tangled's dress (because she doesn't call her Rapunzel, she calls her Tangled) and I didn't think I'd get it off of her that day.

Hiding as if it were a castaway was a lone sparkly shoe. Size 11. Sweet One wears around a 7.5 right now. I thought perhaps it got into the box by accident and was being missed by my niece. Not the case. What makes me for the last few days is that rather than requesting to wear the beautiful princess dresses, you can find my strange little girl excited to wear her pajamas all day along with this one shoe. She even asks if she can wear her shoe when we go out!
I'm not sure if this shoe will ever have its mate... unless, of course, a young man on a horse brings it to her.

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