Sunday, February 12, 2012

A very uncomfortable tight spot

It only took me a week to get back to the project I had started last week. I had some time today to give this a try today and it was an epic fail. I couldn't get my head through the hole and even if I had, I wouldn't have been able to get the rest of the shirt past my chest. It was all too tight. I think I need a different material. While I was using a knit, it didn't stretch in enough areas.

I always get my hopes up about projects like this. I want to be able to make nice things for myself but so far it has never really turned out - except for a few dresses. Why can I make nice things for Sweet One when I suck so bad at getting things to fit me?

So I'm standing there, stuck in a shirt, half naked and Big Love thinks it's cute so he has a smile on his. I felt horrible. Sad that my attempt to add something nice to my lack-of-wardrobe failed, my hopes crushed and thus killing any confidence I had thought I might gain from a successful project, vulnerable because I'm half naked with my muffin top hanging over and my husband is laughing. I also hate that it means $15 went to nothing.

Maybe I should go and shovel some snow.

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