Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Movies and Gingernale

I'm sitting here on the couch for the second morning in a row watching a movie with a sick little girl. She's got a stomach bug that, luckily, does not have her sick all over the place but rather constantly feeling like she is going to be sick. She seems to have a little more spirit in her than yesterday but she's still hardly moving, eating or drinking. It's all I can do to get her to drink some "ginger-nale" or water. She did drink a little bit of Pedialyte. It's ok if it expired at the beginning of the month, right?

On another note, I've finally given in and am signing up for Pinterest. I've heard of it being used to find crafts for kids, help in meal planning and other fun things. Hopefully I'll be able to not let it suck too many mindless minutes from my day! Now if only I could figure out a decent username that isn't already in use! I hate usernames.


  1. You could be PastorXswife, or Pastorwife3922?

    OR! SAHM1426?

    OR Bigbadmamajama21?

    Note: I just made up the numbers


    1. I love the bigbadmamajama! thanks for the laugh!

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