Tuesday, July 7, 2009

and off we go, again

Tomorrow morning we need to the leave the house by 8am to get to the airport. Twelve hours later we will arrive in Seattle and following that we will get our rental car and drive to our hotel in Mount Vernon. I hope Sweet One is alright. On our previous trip we realized that even if she is dead tired she is usually ok as long as she can see her Mama - which is also why most of her hardcore screaming is done when I am driving the car. Luckily the next day won't be as long in the car and she'll get to go on her first Ferry ride to Victoria.

I haven't spent the last week not sleeping from the stress of this trip, thank God! I do think that having a trip previous to this one has given me some confidence in knowing that I know what to pack and that I'll be able to handle this. There are a few very long travel days ahead (both by air and land) but hopefully we'll all survive.

Sweet One is going to be baptized while we are on our trip. When I was doing my undergrad degree I became very close with the chaplain and his family. Since my undergrad he and his family has moved to Victoria, which is Big Love's hometown, and so she will be baptized by him. I am also very happy that some very special people in my life have agreed to be her Godparents and are flying in for the occasion. At a time in our lives when we feel quite isolated from those who are closest to us, Big Love and I can not be happier that Sweet One will be surrounded by dear friends and family on her baptism day. (And the fact that her head will atually get wet in the midst of beautiful liturgy - something that would not happen here!)

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