Thursday, July 9, 2009

No turbulence

maybe one day I'll figure out what happened to me yesterday, but right now this is all I can do to make sense of my day:

6:00 - wake up and eat, get dressed, Mama runs around getting things ready. 7:20 - there's no way I'm staying awake any longer so I hope she will let me nap. 8:00 - wake up, don't really want to eat, get in car. 9:00 - stop at rest stop so mom can pee, but i don't really want to eat again. 10:00 - I go on a strange bus for a few minutes. now we're at this weird thing called an airport. lots of stuff going on. 11:30 - I'm getting hungry so I eat a bit. 12:00 - now we're getting on this thing called a plane. people are looking at me and smiling because I'm so damn cute. how do I know? they all keep telling my Mama how beautiful I am. 12:20 - this adoration is tiring. I'm going to sleep. 1:30 - Mama is standing up on this airplane thing. I guess I slept through it all. Now we're wandering around another airport and Dad keeps telling me we're in Detroit. Mama changes my bum, I eat a bit and we have to get on another plane. 3:40-9:45 or so - plane was late starting but seriously, people were constantly telling me how cute I am. the people who bring the drinks loved me. i sucked my soother a lot and my ears never hurt. I got pretty tired at one point and cried a little but I only want to sleep for half an hour. It's too late in the day and if I'm not in my bed by now I'm not gonna! what's the point? 12:00 midnight - the sky is still light, we got a strange car, drove for awhile to this hotel and seriously, I'm done. I just need to scream a little to make it all better and then I'll eat what Mama has for me. ok, I feel better. Good night. supposedly I have to go on this thing called a ferry tomorrow.

Then she woke up at 3:40 local time (but really, 6:30 in her world) for food and I got her back to sleep for another three hours. This kid was amazing. We're now in Victoria and it is going well.

A few weeks ago Big Love and I had a huge conversation about being here with his parents. I was so worried about the constant "Facts about babies according to MIL" and the glares I sometimes get. In the end my concern boiled down to the fact that I need him to be as present with Sweet One and myself while we are here so that I don't feel like I am being left out on the front lines. With prior visits he would always revert into the quiet, shy son that he was for many years - I could hardly recognize him. So far so good. I already feel less 'on my own'. Although I got a "Aren't you going to put a hat on her? You don't want her head to burn." Seriously. Look at my hand holding not just a hat but sunglasses as well.

Sweet One is playing shy a bit and really wants her Mama. The in-laws seem careful to give me my time and space with Sweet One but there is swarming behind me when I step out to use the washroom! I managed to get her sleeping at her usual bedtime just switched into local time. Let's hope the time change is this easy! Now all I need to do is find a subtle way to get my in-laws to stop calling me mommy because I'm Mama.

One final question: When Seattle highways have a lane for 2 or more persons, does the driver count as one or is that the driver plus 2 persons? I was confused.

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