Friday, July 31, 2009

Dessert anyone?

There is nothing more decadent in the world than a rich, flourless chocolate torte possibly drizzled with something even more chocolatey. Add in a little espresso flavor and godlord I'm a gonner!

A new development with my daughter is that when it is about time to feed her she looks at my chest with the same look I think of my torte. She obviously knows her meal lies behind whatever I'm wearing now! I never thought someone would get so excited when thinking of my boobs.

Moments like these are the ones I never imagined could be a part of mamahood.

*this photo is from the food network

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  1. How wonderful that you are nursing her! I was a La Leche League leader for 12 years and nursed all four of my children (who are now grown), so I know the joys (and trials) of breastfeeding.


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