Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh the freedom!

Am I seriously already thinking of new vacations when we just got back from one? YES! Because now we are not bound by weddings and other events going on 'back home' in western Canada. I know it sounds mean or harsh but I am so glad that we don't have to think of others for the upcoming year and can just go wherever we want. Since moving out here we have thought of many places we'd like to visit but couldn't be of the aforementioned familial obligations basically eating up all of our extra cashflow. Now we can venture out on our own a bit. We do have a few rules for ourselves: 1) we'd prefer no further than 1 hour time difference (unless it is Newfoundland where there's an extra half hour) and 2) we'd prefer no inlaws - ok that's just me because I'm a bitch sometimes.

Now if we can only narrow it down to find a few different places we can visit without killing the piggybank all will be wonderful. I'm dying to go to New Orleans but my husband is wondering if having a little one who goes to sleep quite early in the evenings would cause us to miss out on some of the great things there. Any ideas/experiences out there? I am very interested in going south because I always have been - and we won't be bound to travel in the summer months and so can go in the spring to prevent being returned home in liquid form in a rubbermaid container!

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