Monday, July 27, 2009

Will I be punshied for having a good baby?

At some point during our vacation we heard of another couple traveling with an infnat. En route to their destination the baby slept the whole way and was very easy to travel with. When a fellow traveller mentions how great the baby has travelled, their response is that they'll probably have to pay for it on the way home. Sweet One is an amazing baby. She's happy and even when she's very tired she doesn't get crabby. Occassionally we're asked if she is always as happy as she appears and the answer is yes. Yesterday a woman told us to watch out because she'll probably 'make up' for it when she's older. When it comes to raising children, are we expected to be punished for the times when our children are too good?*

Ever since I heard about the couple thinking their return trip would be unbearable, I've had it floating around in my head about this idea that we, as parents, should not expect good behavior to continue down the road. I think it sucks. Currently I believe that my job as a parent is to prepare my child for life once she is on her own. To give her the skills to thrive and to be a good person; proud of who she is and to "speak and act with confidence and use courage to follow [her] own path".** I am not stupid enough to think there won't be hard times when Sweet One has to test the waters as she figures out her own path. Growing pains happen but I do hope there will be far more good times than bad. Perhaps I'm being over optimistic but if ever I'm going to utilize the Law of Attraction it will be in what I hope for my daughter.

*Carrie Bradshaw I am not, but can't I pretend just for a moment?
**The Twelve Gifts of Birth, by Charlene Costanzo

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