Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Almost there!

For the past three weeks my dining room has looked like this.

With small projects on my To-Do list and then one large project that our contractor is doing, it has felt like a gong show. Previously there was a bathroom with black mold and sewage lines that were leaking where you now see the 'Florida Mango' walls. Since we really don't need a full bath on the main floor we thought that bringing the laundry appliances up from the basement would make our lives much easier. The half bath part is functional and it has been nice not to have to run upstairs constantly with this baby sitting on my bladder!

Unfortunately, our contractor has taken longer than he expected (what contractor doesn't!) and the time for he and his new wife to go to Israel arrived. I really don't have a problem with this. I didn't even mind that a lot of the mess you see in the picture was left behind and I spent half an hour yesterday moving tools and other miscellaneous construction things into the bathroom myself. Our contractor does very good work for an even more reasonable fee. His work ethic seems to be to do things well and inexpensively. Perfect for us.

So in a few weeks things should all be wrapped up!

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