Friday, February 11, 2011

Toggle bolts and omelettes

Last Friday I took Sweet One over to her surrogate Grandma's house so that Big Love and I could move her shelves between rooms. Previously, I simply put them up with a screw long enough to make it through the lath. Easy enough and I was surprised by how little damage it left on the walls. We did decide that since the purple room will eventually house both kids that the need may arise to have books on the shelves and so we decided to put them up with toggle bolts. I was nervous about using them but figured it would be like everything else - I'd learn how to use them and be happy to have a new skill.
As you can see, we did a pretty good job of getting them up. They're level and secure. The toggle bolts were not as hard to use as I had expect. An added bonus was that our contractor was here working downstairs and he was willing to help us out when we were trying to figure out a few things.

In the end I only had one major brain fart. We didn't have to use a toggle bolt in every spot because....
... this is what is on the other side of the wall and I forgot to gauge just how deeply it sits inside the wall.
And so amidst my Mary Kay and deodorant there are two toggle bolts and one point of a screw!

We have had one of those mornings today. And by one of those I mean a freakin' awesome morning where I can almost forget some of the stroggles of being a parent. Sweet One slept in until almost 7:30. I got my workout in and did some cleaning while Sweet One played downstairs with her Daddy. "Five Six!" she called over and over while running around in circles. Then we decided to go to a restaurant where she actually behaved herself. I got to enjoy my coffee and omelette while Sweet One scarfed down her pancakes. We rarely go to a restaurant other than McDonald's because a few months ago we tried to go for dinner and she did laps around the restaurant the whole time.

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