Monday, February 7, 2011

Transitioning on the spot

I'm starting to realize that when it comes to transitions, I can be just as uncertain about what is going on as Sweet One is. Then I end up somewhat paralyzed. I am unable to move forward because I am afraid that it will be too difficult or that I will do it wrong.

The two bedrooms are in the process of being switched and being stuck in this state of transition is making me feel a little nuts. Her new twin bed was delivered and I just finished making the cover for her duvet about three minutes ago. I'm slowly removing all the small steps I need get done before it is "ready" for her. Eventually the crib will be in this room with her as the two kids will share a room but I am not sure if I should just move it now and let her get used to the room being hers before I move her into the twin bed or if I should get her into the bed first. Quite honestly, the baby will probably end up sleeping in our room with us as Sweet One did for 6 or 7 months and so it isn't necessary to have the crib in there right now nor is it necessary to have Sweet One out of the crib before the baby is born.

I feel like there are so many options and ways to do this that it is overwhelming. I feel absolutely unable to figure out how to move forward. I need to rip the bandaid off. Stop doubting myself, make a decision and move forward with it. I want these rooms completely transformed into their new purpose so that the bedroom won't have a piano in it and the office won't have a crib in it. But I also want the transition to go smoothly to prevent Sweet One from being upset too much.

I also know I may be over-thinking all of this and that having both rooms in a state of flux is what is more overwhelming than just taking the step forward.

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